Corning High School

Corning Union High School is one of three public high schools in the county. CUHS was established in 1897. The original buildings were replaced in 1960. In 1999-2000, five permanent structure wings were modernized to accommodate increased enrollment. Construction was completed in 2001 on a 10-classroom building, gymnasium, cafeteria, multipurpose room, Library Media Center with adjoining Career Center and music complex.



Phone: (530) 824-8000
Address: 643 Blackburn Ave, Corning, CA 96021

Health Science & Medical Technology
  • Medical Biology

    This course is a hands-on, lab oriented class designed for those students interest in medicine.  Topics will build upon each other throughout the year as students begin with the chemistry associated with biological chemicals.  Then students move into the inner workings of the cell and explore how the biological chemicals studied in previous units interact with organelles of the cell.  The lessons in this course encourage students to think about the relationships among knowledge, choice, behavior and human health.

Advanced Manufacturing
  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Students will continue to learn more advanced features of Solidworks program.  This course will focus on students attaining a complete understanding of the milling process.  The goal of this course will be for students to attain the skills necessary to advance to milling more exotic metals with more intricate and difficult jobs throughout the year.